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Transfer/Backup Netscape Profiles
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I've purchased a new computer and I want to transfer or backup my bookmarks and other files to the new computer. How do I do this?

Communicator Users:
1. Install Communicator on the new computer and run it once to create a user profile.
2. Open Windows Explorer on the old computer.
3. Click the C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\[your profile] directory.
4. Copy the Bookmark.htm and Pab.na2 files and the Mail directory to CD-ROM or zip disk.
(One suggestion, zipping all those files first would save you some trouble and spaces. see hints below for extra information.)
5. On the new computer, close Netscape and open Windows Explorer.
6. Copy the files from the floppy disk to the C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users\[your profile]
directory. Windows will tell you that these files already exist and will ask if you wish to overwrite them. Select Yes to this question.

Your user files should now be imported to the new computer.

Netscape 6/7 users:
If you are using Netscape 6/7, you can perform the same method as above except filenames have changed and your profile location has been changed, please see Netscape 6/7 profile locations for detail on the location.
The address book in NS 7 is abook.mab , and the bookmark file is bookmarks.html .

Extra Hint on how to fit a big zip file into multiple floopies. (spin disk)
If you are using WinZip, all you have to do is...
1. Prepare blank floopies.
2. Make the distination to the A: (floopy drive)
3. Follow the prompt on the screen.

If you are using WinRAR or WinACE or others, you should have an option for easily creating multiple zip files, for more detail about using those software, please check the Help files provided by those software.

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